Product Lines

ACT D'MAND Systems

Domestic water recirculation systems for new or existing homes.

Link to Website: ACT D'MAND


Indirect heaters, air elimination, expansion control for hydronic and domestic systems.

Link to Website: Amtrol Inc.


Aquatherm polypropylene-random piping is corrosion-resistant, lead-free, long-lasting and backed by a multimillion dollar warranty. This pipe has been used in mechanical systems and pressurized plumbing for decades in more than 70 countries.

Link to Website: Aquatherm


Hydronic accessories, solar components and solar packages complete with collectors and tanks

Link to Website: Caleffi Hydronic Solutions

Dianorm (Heatlines)

Panel radiators and towel warmers
Quality European Heating Products

Link to Website: Dianorm (Heatlines)

G2 Solutions

Propylene Glycol and Glycerin-based Heat Transfer Fluids

Link to Website: G2 Solutions

jeremias Exhaust Systems

Stainless Steel Single Wall and Double Wall Flue and Chimney Systems for exhaust of gases and ventilation, covering domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Link to Website: jeremias


Copper finned tube boilers and water heaters, storage tanks and high efficiency condensing stainless steel boilers and water heaters

Link to Website: Lochinvar High Efficiency Water Heaters Boilers and Pool Heaters

Mr. Steam

Steam systems for steam showers complete with steamtherapy

Link to Website:

Neutrasafe Corporation

Condensate Neutralizers and Refill Kits

Link to Website: Neutrasafe

Pietro Fiorentini

Gas Pressure Regulators

Link to Website: Pietro Fiorentini

Precision Hydronic Products (PHP)

Hydronic manifolds, mechanical modules and accessories

Link to Website: Precision PHP Hydronics

Smith's Environmental Products

Sussman Electric Boilers

Steam & Hot Water Generators for Industrial, Commercial and Specialized applications.

Link to Website: Sussman Electric Boilers


Communicating controls for hydronic, radiant and snowmelt systems

Link to Website:


Multimeters, test equipment and combustion analyzers

Link to Website: UEi Test & Measurement Instruments

Watts Radiant


Residential & Commercial High Efficiency Circulators, Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Pumps, High Pressure Booster Pumps and Submersibles

Link to Website: WILO USA Website

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